Operates a fully redundant advanced data centre in Quezon City, enabling us to deliver a complete service and extra capacity for additional usages.

We are a Philippine corporation and has been granted a Congressional Franchise since 1996, under RA 8196, which allows us the operations of Radio Communications, Wireless Ship to Shore and Satellite Broadband services, nationwide.

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Welcome to G.Telecoms

iGSAT Broadband

iGSAT is our Broadband Internet Service Brand, and presently delivered thru SES-9, a high powered Ku-band satellite at 108.2 East Longitude.

iGSAT is the most reliable broadband service available Nationwide, taking the advantage of the coverage provided via a satellite - deliver to our nation, the high-speed broadband connectivity throughout the Philippines archipelago.


iGSAT Broadband gives exceptional performance and durability with nationwide coverage, even in the remotest areas, supporting the maritime industry, medical facilities, government offices, schools, as well as military and police communication, command and peace and order monitoring.


iGSAT Service Level Agreement(SLA)


Package 1

3,000 PHP

per month

Download : 1Mbps

Upload : 250kbps

Volume : 12GB

Package 2

5,000 PHP

per month

Download : 2Mbps

Upload : 250kbps

Volume : 20GB

Package 3

12,000 PHP

per month

Download : 5Mbps

Upload : 500kbps

Volume : 40GB

Package 4

16,500 PHP

per month

Download : 7Mbps

Upload : 1Mbps

Volume : 60GB

iGSAT Essentials

4,888 PHP

Unlimited Access to your Essentials Apps

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Facebook
  • Messenger

Custom Package

*We also offer customized service packages subject to your requirement. Please contact us at (IGSAT TSR - 09175537007, 09209520777, 09256901777, 8247777; marketing@igsat.asia) for further discussion.

Download : ---------
Upload : ---------
Volume : ---------


iGSAT Surf 500

500 PHP

valid for 7 days

2GB Consumable Data Volume

iGSAT Surf 1000

1,000 PHP

valid for 15 days

5GB Consumable Data Volume

iGSAT Surf 2500

2,400 PHP

valid for 30 days

12GB Consumable Data Volume

Suggested Retail Price

iLNB 800mW

100 cm.   120 cm.
24, 999   28, 999


100 cm.   120 cm.
31, 999   34, 999